Stress Management in College

             When it comes to higher education, it can be a stressful and intimidating prospect. After all, higher education can be taken to mean “harder” education, just as high school was harder than middle school or junior high. And, that’s not wrong, but it’s not the sudden spike in difficulty it’s made out to be. Most of us will go to college right out of high school, with all of the information we’ve learned still somewhat fresh in our minds. Conversely, I didn’t go to college for the better part of a decade after high school graduation, because of those fears, and I was still just fine. That said, college can be stressful, and we all know, whether we admit or not, that stress can severely impact productivity. So, you need to remember to take care of yourself. Here are some tips.

First and foremost, partying is a staple among college kids, and for good reason. Parties are a good way to blow off steam. However, this carries a downside that may make the party route significantly worse in the long run, and that’s the way in which partying detracts from your performance afterward. So, steer clear of the party scene on campus in favor of smaller, more intimate get togethers. This way you can sort of have your cake and eat it to. Get the benfits of partying without dealing with the consequences of partying too hard.

Another way to destress is to simply get away for awhile. Taking a weekend to simply get away from campus and unwind can be crucial. There are many ways to accomplish this, but I would personally recommend leaving society altogether in favor of a camping trip. So, grab some tackle from Orvis and reconnect with your roots.